Legal Documents

Terms of use for the use of the DasLab platform by members of a statutory health insurance

As of: May 21st, 2024

  1. These terms of use apply between Das Lab GmbH, hereinafter referred to as "DasLab", and the member of the statutory health insurance ("SHI") who accesses the DasLab platform ("Platform") ("User").
  2. The Platform is not intended for persons under the age of 18 and may not be used by them. By using the Platform, the User represents and warrants that he/she is at least 18 years of age at the time of first accessing the Platform. If a User is under the age of 18, the User represents and warrants that the use of the Platform is made with the consent of the legal guardian(s).
  3. DasLab is a subcontractor in a selective contract pursuant to Section 140a SGB V, which the SHI has concluded with the client of DasLab. The selective contract enables the User to make use of the service described in the information for insured persons for the purposes described therein via the Platform. 
  4. The Platform enables healthcare providers, medical laboratories and other players in the healthcare sector to connect with the User. DasLab acts exclusively as an intermediary and merely provides the User with access to medical services. DasLab is not a medical service provider in its own right. Accordingly, any contract for medical services (e.g. laboratory services or telemedical consultation services) is concluded exclusively with the laboratories and doctors, which is why any claims of the User under (medical) liability law for non-performance or faulty services must be directed to the contracting laboratory or the contracting telemedicine provider.
  5. The User must treat the login details for their User account confidentially and may not pass them on to third parties or share them with them. The User will notify DasLab immediately, if they become aware of any compromise of their login details. DasLab will use the User account information as described in its privacy policy.
  6. The User may not: 

    • grant third parties access to the Platform, distribute, sell or sublicense it.
    • use the Platform on behalf of third parties or provide products or services to third parties.
    • use access to the Platform to develop a similar or competing product or service.
    • scrape, analyze, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or attempt to access the source code, non-public APIs or unauthorized data of the service, except as expressly permitted by applicable law (and always only with prior notice to DasLab).
    • modify or create derivative works of the Platform or copy any elements of the Platform.
    • remove or obscure any proprietary notices on the Platform or otherwise misrepresent the source of ownership of the Platform.
    • publish any benchmarks or performance-related information about the Platform
    • interfere with the operation of the Platform, circumvent access restrictions or conduct security or vulnerability testing.
    • transmit viruses or other harmful content to the Platform or perform harmful actions on the Platform.
    • engage in fraudulent, deceptive, illegal or unethical activities in connection with the Platform.
    • use the Platform to store or transmit material with illegal content.
  7. DasLab may block the User's access to the Platform and the associated services in the event of significant violations of these terms of use, in particular if the User's actions endanger other users or the security, availability or integrity of the Platform or the Platform services. As far as possible, DasLab will make reasonable efforts to inform the User in advance of the blocking. As soon as the User has resolved the problem that necessitated the blocking, DasLab will restore the User's access to the Platform. Reasonable suspicion of a significant breach of duty is sufficient for blocking, in particular if courts, authorities and/or other third parties inform DasLab of this. DasLab must inform the User of the block and the reason for it without delay. The block must be lifted as soon as the suspicion is invalidated.
  8. DasLab provides support services to the User via
  9. DasLab takes all appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with the state of the art to prevent unauthorized and improper access to the Platform and/or associated components and associated data. Non-public data is transmitted in encrypted form. 
  10. DasLab uses the data transmitted by the Users of the Platform exclusively for the purpose of providing the Platform for the purposes described in the information for insured persons.
  11. DasLab may monitor and analyze the use of the Platform by the User in order to better understand and meet their needs. This may include the collection and analysis of aggregated and anonymized data to improve the performance, functionality and usability of the Platform. This analysis is carried out exclusively on the basis of aggregated and anonymized data that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the User. 
  12. If the User provides DasLab with feedback or suggestions regarding the Platform, DasLab is entitled to use the feedback or suggestions in anonymized form without restriction or obligation.