Digital transformation of prevention & screening

Implement innovative prevention and early disease detection programs through our industry-leading at-home cancer screening products.


Potential savings compared to typical treatment costs

Early detection of cancer dramtically improves survival rates and decreases the financial cost of treatment


Innovation + participation = substantial cost savings and improved outcomes

DasLab introduces Prevention-as-a-Service (PaaS), an initiative reshaping preventive healthcare. Our digital solutions boost participation rates, offering attractive self-examinations home sampling kits for the deadliest and costliest cancers. By partnering with insurers, we drive widespread awareness and early detection.



Better prevention & screening delivered to home

DasLab’s Prevention as a Service programs provide a complete early detection experience, from initial outreach campaigns to expert medical consultations. Insurers can significantly increase participation rates in e.g cancer screenings by engaging individuals through user-friendly, accessible self-testing. We help insurers to save up to 75 % of treatment costs through early detection


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